How to care for blue hydrangea plant

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How to care for blue hydrangea plant (Hydrangea paniculata). Part 2

I know that it’s Spring in the U.S., so what about hydrangea bushes? Shouldn’t we prune hydrangea right now? Are you supposed to take care of these hydrangea plants until they start blooming? There are times that hydrangea should be pruned and there are some tips for those who wish to take care of their hydrangea bush to help keep their hydrangea bushes healthy.

Pruning hydrangea bushes is about pruning healthy shrubs. You will be pruning the bushes not for appearance only but for the plants to live healthy and safe. You will need to prune your hydrangea bushes at least once in every two years to keep them healthy and thriving. The first pruning is usually about 5 years after planting and the second one is about 4 years after first pruning.

One of the common questions I receive is that, how to prune hydrangea bushes? How to prune hydrangea bushes is not that difficult and here’s a step by step guide on how to prune your hydrangea bushes.

Here are the first pruning tips when it comes to pruning hydrangea bushes. It is very important to first decide on the direction you want the hydrangea bushes to grow in. Are you going to have them grow up or grow down?

Is your hydrangea bush taller and wide and on a big bush? If so, I would suggest you to prune the plant down. Prune the plants that are over 20 inches in height or that are wide.

If you are not sure about your hydrangea bush, then I would suggest you to put it inside the pots before planting outside. Put it inside the pots to let you decide where you want the hydrangea bushes to grow. It is very important that you do it and if you are not sure, maybe you need to keep it indoor for few weeks until it’s sure that you want to make it grow in a certain direction.

You can buy a soil grower. I use Grower Soil to place my hydrangea plants. Growers Soil is rich in nutrients and easy for your hydrangea plants to absorb. It is also mold free and doesn’t contain chemicals that can damage your hydrangea bushes. Some other good options are planting medium that is rich in nutrients. You can either purchase a growing medium from the local home and garden store or get it from your local agricultural school.

If you want to save the soil you will plant the plants outside, it’s best that you soak the soil prior to planting. You can do it by using tap water and you can put it on your pots for a few hours. You should drain the water and then mix the soil and then use them again for planting the plants.

Pruning hydrangea bushes is a pretty easy and it doesn’t require too much time and skills. If you are new to pruning then I suggest you to get a little book on pruning so that you can do it yourself.

2. I’ve been watching this plant all year. What is its name and where did you get it?

The hydrangea plant you are looking at is the old fashioned Blue Hydrangea (Hydrangea paniculata). This hydrangea bush is native to China and it used to be planted all over the USA in the early 1900s and 1800s. It was used for shrubs in the backyards. It was a popular plant during that time. People would use the old fashioned hydrangea plant to do their gardening.

3. I hope I can grow this plant in my yard.

Why? Did you do any research on this plant and what did you found out?

Well, hydrangea plants don’t like hot sunny days. The old fashioned Blue Hydrangea will prefer the cooler days of Spring. It has blue flowers and so I don’t expect it to bloom. It also has darker green leaves and so, I guess the hydrangea bush is native to a cool climate.

So, what are the different types of hydrangea plants?

Hydrangea plants come in many varieties. The different varieties include the old fashioned Blue Hydrangea, Old Balsam Hydrangea, Firecracker Hydrangea, Porto Rico Hydrangea, Provence Hydrangea, and Glacier Hydrangea. These are just a few of the variety you can get, there are many different varieties you can get.

4. This plant looks so healthy. How should I care for it?

In addition to these different types of hydrange

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