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Garden party season is going to be bigger than ever this year. And nobody wants the long-awaited celebrations to end when the sun goes down. To keep the fun lasting long into the evening, you need the perfect outdoor lighting solutions. Whether you are looking to create a subtle, atmospheric glow or add task lighting for everywhere from a barbecue area to the front door and porch, we have selected the brands that can help. Plus, we answer all the important questions to help you make the right choice….

  • 6 Ways to Use Outdoor Lighting In Exterior Home Design
  • Light the Night: Adding Outdoor Lighting as a Service
  • Outdoor Lighting Design Photos And Ideas
  • Landscape Lighting Tips to Help You Enjoy Your Outdoor Spaces After Dark
  • What Do You Need to Know About LED Landscape Lighting?
  • Landscape Lighting: The Importance of Contrast
  • Make garden parties last longer with our guide to the best outdoor lighting
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6 Ways to Use Outdoor Lighting In Exterior Home Design

A rtificial light can be a nuisance for many people, particularly astronomers. Bright lights at night cause glare discomfort, disability and loss of darkness, all of which creates problems for anyone who wants to admire the splendour of a clear night sky.

Sky-glow is the general, diffuse sheen visible in the direction of large cities, airports and industrial complexes. It occurs from both natural and artificial light sources and does not depend exclusively on lighting design, but also on atmospheric conditions.

Glare is the name we give to the uncomfortable brightness of a light source when viewed against a darker background. Light can be propagated into the atmosphere either directly upward or from incompletely shielded sources. It may also be reflected off the ground or other surfaces, partially scattering back towards observers and limiting the perceived darkness around them.

But lighting at night also has its uses, providing visibility and security around your home. Different light sources have different levels of apparent brightness to the dark-adapted eye. White light sources such as metal halide, fluorescent or white LED can produce up to three times the visual sky glow brightness of a high-pressure sodium lamp. Astronomers tend to use a red light source to view star charts, books and notepads in the dark, as this helps to protect night vision adaption.

Information printed in white text on black paper also helps maintain dark-adapted vision, because the light reflected back into the eye is considerably reduced. Below we reveal four types of lighting that can be used for security and safety around the home and garden, including some examples of astro-friendly units that will preserve the darkness.

Domestic security lights should provide the minimum level of illumination to light a single property, not half the street. Because of the price and ease of installation, many people install tungsten halogen floodlights, which can provide satisfactory security lighting. It is rarely necessary to use a lamp greater than 2, lumens W. These lights can be fitted with detectors to sense the movement of intruders, but often the systems require the detector and the floodlight to be aimed in the same direction.

Low-level bollard lighting can be useful for illuminating a garden path or footway to make walking to and from your house at night easier and safer. This will avoid any glare towards the observer. Owing to their short height and the local distribution of their light, you may need to space these units fairly close together. Another option is a bulkhead or porch light fitted with a low-power lumen W compact fluorescent lamp. These units can be left on all night, providing security for only a few pounds of electricity per year.

This light is also kinder to the environment, providing a gentle wash of light with reduced glare. Fluorescent lamps cast fewer shadows, reducing hiding places for criminals, and can be fitted with a movement detector if required. These units are generally mounted lower and are therefore less likely to elicit complaints from neighbours. When installing lighting to illuminate a large outside area, the same principles apply as with the positioning of domestic security lighting.

What you need to take into consideration is the height at which the lights will be mounted and the amount of distance between each of the lighting units. For areas such as the garden, your driveway or other large external spaces, spacing the lighting units at around 2. Shopping around online is a good way to compare prices for the kind of lighting you want to buy. The following websites are a starting point:. Home Advice Buyer's Guides The best outdoor lighting that will minimise light pollution.

Modifying the position of a light source can diminish its polluting effects on the night sky. A poorly positioned security light can lead to uncomfortable levels of glare. Credit: iStock. Porch lighting can provide a gentle wash of light. Credit: CobraCZ. When lighting a wide area, avoid the temptation to install units too close together.

Credit: Correcaminos Allan Howard. Subscribe today!

Light the Night: Adding Outdoor Lighting as a Service

Not a lot of homeowners recognize a whole new level of aesthetics and value that outdoor lighting adds to their house exterior. You surely went the extra mile making your home and yard look top-grade in all aspects. With some outdoor lighting tricks here and there, you can put your exterior home design on display. Outdoor lighting can make your exterior home design glow brighter and make it more beautiful. It helps showcase the focal points in your landscape while making the guests and spectators feel welcomed.

John Watson Landscape Illumination Inc. International Headquarters. Before the s, outdoor lighting meant lights strung in the yards of Hollywood stars by “.


Outdoor lighting, like any industry that involves technology, is constantly transforming and improving, and the experts at Landscape Illumination in Valparaiso, Indiana, are on top of the latest outdoor lighting trends. These are vintage-looking lights, sometimes called Edison lights or old world party lights, strung along a wire that provide a friendly glow to the area. While you can find this kind of lighting in bars and restaurants, Darren said they are very popular this year for home installations. Landscape Illumination has worked with old world party lights for three years, and their expertise and ability to customize provides a solid benefit to homeowners, especially those wanting to install outdoor lighting that is operational for years to come. You can find temporary old world party lights at retail stores and install them yourself. If you plan on making your lights a permanent part of your landscape you will appreciate having the installation done by Landscape Illumination. The old world party lights available at stores come in a certain wire length. To accommodate your space, the wire will need to be plugged together to expand for a larger area or double backed on itself for a smaller area, as many of us have done with a string of lights on a Christmas tree.

Outdoor Lighting Design Photos And Ideas

On the bright side, outdoor lighting makes nighttime yards and gardens safer and more beautiful. On the dark side, outdoor lighting contributes to light pollution and can cause all kinds of problems for all kinds of creatures. Luckily, we can balance the dark and light sides of outdoor illumination by using conscientious, judicious lighting strategies. Light pollution is a modern-day problem caused by the overuse and misuse of artificial lights, particularly those that produce bright white or blue light. Yes, good outdoor lighting is often necessary for our safety and security, but if used excessively or inappropriately, it can eclipse the natural luminosity of the moon and stars, which in turn affects the circadian rhythms of the natural world.

A rtificial light can be a nuisance for many people, particularly astronomers.

Landscape Lighting Tips to Help You Enjoy Your Outdoor Spaces After Dark

Mark is currently performing studies on the psychology of light and nature, to provide therapeutic relief in human health. He is also the owner of Avalon Lighting Design. See his article on Achieving Balance Part 1 and Part 2. Contrast is one of the six principles of lighting composition. This principle refers to the arrangement of opposite elements in an art piece to create visual interest, excitement and drama.

What Do You Need to Know About LED Landscape Lighting?

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we know home or business improvement projects can be frustrating. We strive to provide our customers with the best experience possible from start to finish. We customize all lighting projects to fix individual needs, use only the highest quality products, and offer the best customer support in the industry. No job is complete until our customer is satisfied. There are numerous companies and individuals that can install outdoor or landscape lighting. What separates OLP from its competitors is our customer service and our products. Before any installation, our customers receive a personalized touch with a custom design by one of our trained sales representative on site. During the installation, our trained technicians use only the highest of quality fixtures and lamps.

We are the #1 choice for professional landscape & outdoor landscape lighting design and installation in Dallas-Fort Worth Texas and surrounding areas.

Landscape Lighting: The Importance of Contrast

When it comes to oceanfront living, Florida-based lighting specialist Coastal Source knows a thing or two. The right landscape lighting not only adds significant value to a coastal home but also dramatically enhances the way families and friends enjoy their outdoor living spaces. And new innovations are continually changing those landscapes. Fixtures were large and very expensive.

Make garden parties last longer with our guide to the best outdoor lighting

Outdoor lighting for your home adds dramatic highlights, enhances the architecture and landscaping, and sets a tone for welcoming guests. Here are some tips to help you get your landscape lighting right the first time. Hire a professional lighting designer, not just an electrician. Even if you plan on installing the lighting yourself, you need a plan from someone experienced in the placement and choices of your lighting. Lighting just the trees on your property is not lighting design. Use LED lights, now an industry standard and available in many colors.

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Jump to navigation. This article appears in print in the September issue. Click here for a free subscription. Northwest Outdoor Lighting specializes in creating customized landscape lighting designs utilizing transparent installation techniques and superior products to stylishly illuminate residential and commercial properties. I love meeting new people and solving their problems of dark nights! Designing lit landscapes allows me to be creative and is a confidence booster when clients are more than pleased with the outcome. After being a stay-at-home mom for over 30 years, my job slowly left me!

Extending your outdoor living into the night. Outdoor Lighting. Durable and Sensible With simplicity and functionality at its best, Coastal Source products will never rust or corrode and utilize low voltage LED bulbs for minimal energy use. Beauty and Security Add beauty and illumination by adding path lights to your plant beds and walkways.

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