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One of the major problems faced in the management of various forest types are the invasive species that have now proliferated. Invasive species are those species that have come in from elsewhere and take over the habitats and other resources of native species. Invasive species increase their populations drastically at the expense of the existing flora. They are of two categories, the native and the alien. Native plants or animals become invasive when a change of environmental conditions or some other factor causes their ordinary population to multiply drastically suffocating the other species.

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Plants are one of the best living things on earth that not only provide health benefits but are also soothing to the eyes. Keeping or growing plants indoor has so many health benefits and it makes your house worth living. Although many plants can be grown successfully indoors, there are certain groups that, because of their attractiveness and relative ease of maintenance, are generally considered the best houseplants.

One of them is Foliage plants. Foliage Plants are one of the best and most beautiful plants ever. These are handsome tropical American plants, generally climbers, with beautiful leathery leaves, heart-shaped, and often cut into folds.

In today's blog, we have bought you some fantastic foliage plants list for your home garden. Enhance your home with some explicit yet ornamental leafy designs that extremely look stunning at the indoors of the ambiences. Here you go! They are beautiful, elegant and often have huge leaves. Great for large pots, they grow in partial shade and come in a vast range of leaf shapes, sizes and colours. They prefer moist, hot conditions, but need to be sheltered from high winds.

They can also be grown indoors in bright, indirect or filtered light. One of the best examples of foliage plants is Ferns. Ferns are a never-ending source of amazement. Each comes in different shapes and sizes, yet all are beautiful. They look great in a pot alone. There are thousands of different ferns to choose from. Some of them are foxtail ferns, Boston ferns, etc. The peacock plant is one of the more commonly available types of calathea, but you are likely to find many other species in stores.

Peacock houseplants are often found as part of indoor plants. The name says it all about the plant. The leaves are pale green with a dark green feathered effect from the middle of the leaf to the outer edges.

For best results give peacock plants warm temperature and high humidity. Begonia rex is one of the most beautiful and stunning Foliage plants. Also known on the names of painted-leaf begonias or fancy-leaf begonias, these plants are known for their showy, sometimes jaw-dropping leaf colouration.

Hundreds of Rex Begonia tenants are available in a wide array of silver, white, pink, red, purple and green combinations. Many also have unique leaf shapes and forms. Although Rex begonia is grown mainly for its shiny foliage, it can produce pink or white flowers in bright light.

Dusty Miller is a compact, mound-growing, evergreen perennial plant that is grown annually in areas. Once established, they are very drought resistant. Lacy leaves of the dusty miller plant are beautiful friends for many blooms in the garden.

Dusty Miller is also very tolerant of heat, salt air and poor soil conditions. The china doll has a fine texture, even though individual leaves can grow up to 2 feet tall. It is usually sold in a container with several plants so that it looks fuller.

Pinch or prune shoots regularly to keep plants succulent. Coleus has to be included in any list of Foliage plants. There are so many varieties with different leaf shapes, colours and sizes, that the options are enormous. From brown to red, to vibrant pinks and greens, this is a plant that covers a much larger colour spectrum.

These were one of the most beautiful foliage examples to make your house garden. Include one of these in your house garden or gift your loved ones on their special occasion. Ideals location to Celebrate a perfect Valentine Eve -Skip to main content.

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Beautiful Kandyan Home Garden in Sri Lanka

The Metta Garden in Colombo, Sri Lanka, run by Eco friendly Volunteers, is the place for generating healthy food for people and a living space for many other animals and plants. It has become an inspirational training institute for many stakeholders who are trying to grow organic food and to get a better income through in-high-demand organic food. Finding a space to grow food is a challenge in urban areas. Even though a space might be available for growing food, opening up this space not only for human beings but also for bees and butterflies is even more challenging for two reasons: one is overcoming selfishness in sharing a very limited space with other living beings, the other challenge is attracting butterflies, bees, and other biodiversity to an urban setup.

Common Family Name elephant fern family. Origin. Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Thailand, Peninsular Malaysia, Singapore, and Polynesia. Growth Form.

Hakgala Botanic Gardens

UK, remember your settings and improve government services. We also use cookies set by other sites to help us deliver content from their services. You can change your cookie settings at any time. How to import plants, fruit, vegetables, cut flowers, trees and agricultural machinery from non-EU third countries to GB and NI. There are no changes to the way plants are imported from non- EU third countries to Northern Ireland. Imports can continue in the same way as before. You must have a phytosanitary health certificate PC for almost all plants and living parts of plants, including all seeds for planting, entering Great Britain England, Scotland and Wales from non- EU third countries. You may also need to register as an importer and pre-notify the plant health authority to import certain regulated plants, fruit, vegetables, cut flowers and other objects. Find out how to import organic products into the UK. After registering you can follow the progress of your consignments through the required checks on the PEACH website.

Creating a Urban Garden for all - Colombo, Sri Lanka

Back Flora 3 0Description and Ethnobotany Growth Form Medium-sized tree, up to 30m tall in the wild, usually shorter under cultivation. Habit distinctly monopodial, with dense conical crown. Form is lanky under more constrained rainforest conditions, but tree grown in open space tends to retain its lower branches all the way to the ground, hence assuming a hedge-like appearance, where the trunk remains totally hidden.

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Tea plantations and their importance as host plants and hot spots for epiphytic cryptogams

Colourful orchids, pleasant winds, tall trees. The gardens are home to more than species of plants, including orchids, spices, medicinal plants and palm trees. It is a acre - natural elegance holding landscaped gardens and scenic beauty, making it a photographers dream. It is a part of the Hakgala Strict Nature Reserve and was established inIt has a wide variety of plants and some exotic animal species with the entire garden divided into different sections, dedicated to different plant species, like ferns, cacti, orchids, etc. It is situated on the Badulla Highway and is about 5 kilometres away from the city of Nuwara Eliya.

Plants for Coastal Areas

Products In. Showing 0 out of 0 Products. Plants have the power to strengthen your connection with nature. We believe it cultivates a life well-lived— that is why we've hand-selected a collection of indoor and outdoor planters, leafy tropicals, and pottedsucculents, straight from our local farmer-owned nurseries: to add that much-needed pop of greenery toyour space. Send a plant gift that fits any aesthetic and complement the recipient's unique personality —after all it is the only gift that keeps growing and can be passed down for generations. News Letter. We offer the best and most delectable range of Lassana cakes baked by our own in-house pastry chefs who have years of experience in the confectioneries and comes with the guarantee of delicious, scrumptious taste and true value for money. Select Region All Colombo Kandy.

When do Vegetable Plants grow? Common Vegetables to Grow in Sri Lanka.

Plants That Love Water

The skin of the eggplant contains valuable flavin and anthocyanin substances. Eggplant is a very good source of dietary fiber, vitamin B1, and copper, good source of manganese, vitamin B6, niacin an anti-oxidant , potassium, folate, and vitamin K. Eggplant also contains phytonutrients such as nasunin and chlorogenic acid.

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This chapter focuses on reviewing publications on medicinal plants used in the treatment of common diseases such as malaria, cholera, pneumonia, tuberculosis and asthma. Traditional medicine is still recognized as the preferred primary health care system in many rural communities, due to a number of reasons including affordability and effectiveness. The review concentrated on current literature on medicinal plants, highlighting on information about ethnobotany, phytochemistry and pharmacology. The search for publications on medicinal plants with scientifically proven efficacy was carried out using electronic databases such as Science Direct, Google Scholar, SciFinder and PubMed. In all, about 46 species of different families with potent biological and pharmacological activities were reviewed.

Thuru is a social innovation. We introduce new technologies to accelerate reforestation.

Crossandra (Firecracker Flower) Plant Profile

Oklahoma Proven is a plant promotion program coordinated by faculty in the Department of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture at Oklahoma State University. The goal of the program is to recommend plants well-adapted for use across Oklahoma. Commonly called Brazilian vervain, this plant is a rapid-growing, clump-forming tender perennial. Plants typically form a 1-foot tall basal clump of dark green leaves from which rise erect, slender, wiry, branching, stems to 3. Though a tender perennial it often grows as an annual in Oklahoma.

Sri Lanka harbors over plant species, and most of these plants have been of immense importance in the traditional systems of medicine in the country. Although there is a rich reserve of indigenous knowledge on medicinal plants, in-depth studies have not been pursued yet to compile the ethnoflora with traditional medicinal applications for the scientific community. Thus, as a continuation of our ethnobotanical inventory work in different regions in the country, the present study was carried out in one of the administrative districts in the North Central area of Sri Lanka known as Polonnaruwa district.

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